About the company

An import and export trading company founded in 1992, processing raw materials textile – used clothing with 27 years of experience of service.

Harahap Import and Export is a leading company in the used clothing sector. Today has a long experience in the selection and classification. The company imports clothing from their own collections and from all over Southeast Asia. Harahap working cast-off clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and exports the same all over the world. All material is checked, piece by piece, by highly skilled workers. Also in various stages of production with new machinery, fully automated and computerized, you get a perfect weighing of the bale. These machines guarantee the reliability and the accuracy of our production..

The company controls the entire production process to ensure the highest quality and courtesy. The products are intended for the international market, in particular the countries of Eastern. Manufacturing is constantly strive for the protection and enhancement of the environment in a relationship of interdependence with the economic dimension. Environmental protection is a natural added value linked to the very essence of nature: the reuse and recycling of used clothing reduces the strong environmental impact of the production of new textile fibers.

Processing Steps

Collected clothing is sorted and graded by highly experienced and skilled workers. These sorted items are sent to different destinations as outlined. As the textile industry continues to grow, it will be challenged to devise ways to boost recycling rates as well as to develop technologies that will help maximize the value of recovered material.

Bales Order

Our supplies 90% from Japan and 10% from USA. In Japan the supplies are collected around Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Our focus is mainly Japanese products because of its high quality standard.


Purchases are made in 40ft container, we receive approximately 10 to 15 containers every month to supply our wholesale and retail market.


At this stage, our staff will sort the products accordingly. Our staff wil hand pick, products that are good condition. Poor quality products will be use as wiping material.


Our graders will select and price each product according to our standard. Prices start at RM2 to RM98 for the standard item. Vintage items can go up to thousand ringgit depending on the year, design, brand and condition.

Packaging and Delivery

The final product will be packed in clear plastic bags and tied for some products. Products will be delivered using our 3 tons lorry.

Reject and Restock

Some products may have some defects which cause by mislooked by our graders. Therefore, we will inspec each and every items weekly to ensure our outlet have the best quality products at all times.